Here at Orbit Solutions, our values are simple -

Inspire and delight through innovation and creativity; deliver the best solutions on time and on budget; meet and exceed expectations; communicate clearly and collaborate effectively with clients, consultants and authorities; and continue to love what we do.

The Architecture we produce aims to innovate and improve the built environment, to become a lifestyle success for our residential clients, and a financial success for our Developer clients. Wayfinding projects seek clear and engaging integrated systems to guide and assist in navigating the built environment.

Our digital media and marketing Visualization presents the built environment - existing or proposed – in a format which can be understood and appreciated by all.

Our philosophy is the application of these values to our work on every project, every task, and every challenge. Many of our assignments are highly technical in nature, and we take pride in our ability to complete these with competence, accountability and precision.

As Architects and Visual Artists our disciplines are also creative by definition, requiring unconventional solutions and methods to problem-solve and conceive unique outcomes. These two pursuits – the technical and the creative - become the science and the art of our work.