Orbit Visualization is a division of Orbit Solutions Pty Ltd and is a leading provider of architectural 3D visualization; images, animations and interactive communication media.

We create innovative and effective marketing tools and exceptional products and services, delivered on time and within budget. Our productions include, but are not limited to; presentations for concept design, visual impact studies, group presentations, product marketing, sales display suites, print media, interactive touch-screen systems and website enabled applications.

Orbit have a highly skilled professional team of 3D graphic artists, architects, interiors designers, photographers and software developers to understand your needs. We listen to what you want, embrace the zeal for the project and look to deliver your vision with unparalleled service and support through a clearly established process of communication. Orbit creates world class products to reach your target audience in the most effective way.

The post production team gives a high level of finish to the final output and our tailored delivery methods provide a complete package solution. The architectural background of the 3D modelling staff enables Orbit to create highly realistic models, even with limited information. Communicating the design intent and realistic impact of a development in a clear and concise manner is often a major catalyst in overcoming any misinterpretations of a project. Orbit are recognized specialists in the preparation and communication of proposed developments for presentations to clients, councils and planning tribunals.

The rigorous methodology and utilization of advanced technology and specialist techniques allow completion of amenity analysis quickly and accurately. Orbit provide services to enhance the design process with the ability to demonstrate visual amenity , visual bulk, neighbourhood character, overshadowing, height, architectural merit, light access, internal amenity, landscape impact, and view loss.

Orbit is widely recognized as the leaders in Visual Amenity Evidence. Orbits ongoing involvement in this aspect of the industry provides continued surety for fair and unbiased assessment of the various visual amenity impacts that proposed projects may have on the built environment.

Communicating the vision through creative and accurate visualization takes an idea and optimises its potential.